Feel safe when you're home alone

10 Safety Tips For Women Who Live Alone

August 26, 2014

Call it the rise of the single lady, as an increasing number of women are not only becoming first-time home buyers, but they’re choosing to do so alone. …

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Five Best Credit Cards For Fresh-Faced Freshmen

August 18, 2014

What’s freshman year without that first plastic fountain of funds we affectionately call a credit card? As your first-time student packs up their things and readies themselves for …

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Clean House Before You Buy A House: Take Control Of Your Money

August 12, 2014

Between paying off debts and day-to-day living expenses, sometimes it’s difficult to keep an eye on the coming and going of your finances. But, if you’re looking to …

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Off to college!

An Insurance Guide to Sending Your Child Off to College

July 28, 2014

School starts early this year with Labour Day falling on September 1st. Many college and university students will be heading to school well before this, however, which means …

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10 Summer Activities for Kids that Won’t Break the Bank

July 18, 2014

Summer is here and school is out. Whether you’re home full time with the kids or taking a holiday to spend time with them, it can be tough …

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Top 10 Tips For Cheaper Car Insurance

July 10, 2014

Every ComparaSaver knows that comparing car insurance quotes can save you money (about $670 by our estimation), but you could save even more if you layer in these …

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Flip flops are the most dangerous shoe to drive in

Soleful Summer: The Best & Worst Shoes For Driving

July 7, 2014

When it comes to shoes, women tend to choose the pair that goes best with their outfit and not necessarily the one that is most practical. This is …

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Planning for retirement

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Planning for Retirement

July 4, 2014

Women have a number of unique challenges they need to take into consideration when planning for retirement. For one, the life expectancy of a woman is four to …

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When Closing Dates Don’t Jive, Bridge Loans May Help You Get Into Your New Home

July 2, 2014

For many, the new home you just bought and the home you just sold would close on the same day ideally. That way the money from the sale …

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young couple mortgage

Pay Off Your Mortgage Early or Save For Retirement? Young Canadians Favour Former

June 25, 2014

Many young Canadian couples are focusing on paying off their mortgages sooner rather than planning for their financial future, the Globe & Mail reports. Yes, more Canadians than …

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Staying Cool In The Summer: Kid’s Summer Safety Tips

June 12, 2014

The final school bell has rung, the pencils, notebooks and laptops packed away, and the kids are ready for summer! Are you? Summer break always sneaks up on …

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Home Renovations And Your Home Insurance

June 10, 2014

Big or small, renovations can be stressful and if something goes sideways you’ll want to make sure there’s insurance there to protect you. You’ve Got A Renovator, But …

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Crowded parking lot

Car Accidents In Parking Lots: Who Is At Fault?

June 9, 2014

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, nearly 20 per cent of car accidents occur in parking lots and garages. Given the frequency of parking lot accidents, …

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Stranded at the side of the road

Stranded! What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down

May 28, 2014

As the warmer days of summer drift in and wanderlust abounds, the thought of packing up the kids and heading to the cottage or taking a road trip …

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DIY Flooring Options

May 26, 2014

Most of the time when you buy an older home, one of the features that really needs to be changed quickly is the flooring. This is true also …

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