Tips for Getting the Most from Car Insurance

October 24, 2012

Insurance QuotesMost drivers are looking to get the best value out of their car insurance. offers some tips for keeping the cost of insurance premiums under control while also ensuring the policy offers good coverage without any gaps. There’s no reason to overpay for coverage that isn’t needed, but there’s also no reason to go without the coverage that is necessary.

Most drivers are wondering if they’re getting a good deal on their car insurance. Shopping around and comparing car insurance quotes can provide some insight, but there’s a little more to uncovering the real value of a car insurance policy than simply looking at premiums. Getting the most out of a car insurance policy while keeping the premium reasonable is the real challenge for most insurance shoppers. gives value in car insurance a closer look.

Value and the Right Coverage

Nobody will argue that a better rate is really not that much better if it means giving up needed coverage. While trying to keep the costs of a car insurance policy down, many people lose track of the coverage they need and want from the policy. “You’re paying for car insurance not just because it’s the law, but because it is there to protect you” reminds Tammy Ezer of

Getting value out of a car insurance policy means getting the best price on the right combination of coverage and service from a company that is trustworthy and reputable. Knowing what the right coverage is often proves to be the challenge.

Choosing Coverage Wisely

Not every driver needs every coverage option. Some drivers are paying for a coverage they don’t really need, while others are not carrying something they could really use. It depends on the driving habits and other factors individual to each driver.

A driver who travels a lot for business – or pleasure – and often rents cars would find a great deal of value in purchasing rental car coverage on their car insurance policy. For those who never find themselves driving a rental car, this coverage is a good place to cut costs.

Weigh the cost of adding optional coverage to the policy against the potential cost of not having it when it is needed. Take comprehensive coverage for example: that could mean not getting any compensation in the event of the car being stolen and not recovered. For most people, this coverage is well worth paying for.

Cutting Costs While Keeping Value

There are a number of ways to keep the cost of car insurance down while still making the policy a good value. Raising the deductible is one simple way to lower the premium while still carrying all of the coverage that makes sure the policy protects fully from the unexpected.

Removing those coverage options that are not likely to be used can save some money, but often things like looking for discounts, raising deductibles, and of course shopping around for insurance quotes result in greater savings. Most drivers will find that looking for a better rate with the same coverage is the best way to keep costs under control and get real value from their policy.