Simple Tips to Lower Energy Bills

November 28, 2012

Insurance QuotesWith winter weather and long dark nights ahead, the heat and the lights will be running on overtime in many Canadian homes. Avoid a spike in those energy bills this winter by following these easy tips from for saving on energy bills.

Energy bills have a way of rising during the winter months due to the increased need for heat and the early onset of evening darkness requiring more lights on at home. Fortunately, there are some ways to prevent a major increase in energy costs even as winter sets in. has some simple ways to cut back on energy usage all winter long.

Quick Fixes for Light Usage

Remind everyone in the home to be sure to turn out the lights when they leave a room. It’s the simplest way to keep the electricity usage in the home under control. Leaving lights burning in rooms where no one is present is one of the most common sources of energy waste, and it’s easy to forget.

Switch the light bulbs out in fixtures and lamps throughout the home from incandescent bulbs to more energy efficient options such as halogen bulbs. They’ll last longer and use less energy. In rooms where the option is available, use small lamps rather than large light fixtures, and use task lighting as much as possible rather than lighting an entire room.

To save on outdoor lighting bills, put porch lights and holiday lights on a timer; this will prevent them from being accidentally left on all night. Motion sensor lights are another great way to reduce usage.

Turn Down the Heat

Chilly winter nights lead to the urge to turn up the thermostat, but putting on a sweater instead can save a lot of money. “Dropping the thermostat even by a degree or two can make a difference on heating bills,” says Tammy Ezer of

Use a programmable thermostat to automatically turn down the heat when no one is at home such as during the work or school day, as well as at night. This can save a lot of money and prevent heating an empty home.

Check for Drafts

Drafty doors and windows are major culprits in high energy bills. If the heat is escaping, the furnace has to work overtime to warm the home. Feel for drafts around doors and windows. Using a candle is one way to detect a leak: hold a lit candle around door and window frames, and see if the flame is affected. A draft will cause it to move or even go out. Be certain to be cautious with the candle around curtains.

Sealing drafts or going further and installing new energy-efficient windows can cut down on energy costs, and those new windows will pay for themselves quickly. Be sure to notify the home insurance company of any major changes to the home such as upgraded windows to make sure they are covered properly. Some upgrades may even reduce premiums.

Careful use of energy not only reduces bills for homeowners, it also reduces how much energy is used overall, which is an environmentally friendly way to live. These tips will help homeowners do both.

And now that you’re going to be saving money on your home energy bills, see how much you can save on your insurance. Online comparison sites like provide you with FREE insurance quotes and access to lower mortgage rates.