The ComparaSaver – Vol. 12.1

November 6, 2012

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Tips to Save on Your Family’s Car Insurance

Although car insurance is a necessity, there are several ways to manage the costs and fit it in the family budget. Insurance companies today offer a wide variety of discounts and options to help save some money on your family’s car insurance. If you’re looking to lower your insurance bill, see if some of these tips might work for you.

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Master Your Mortgage

There are several factors that affect your mortgage and how much you end up paying: mortgage rates, payment frequency, amortization period, and extra payments. By managing these factors you can get the most out of your mortgage and pay the least amount of interest possible, becoming the master of your mortgage.

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Tip of the Week

Each insurance company offers a different insurance rate for your driving profile. You may not be insured with the company that offers the best rate for you.  Shopping around for car insurance quotes can save you hundreds, even thousands per year!

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