The Many Faces of Credit Card Owners [INFOGRAPHIC]

March 27, 2014

A credit card is a practical tool that assists with occasional living expenses, but should only be placed in the hands of responsible consumers who understand their long-term risks.

There are a number of perks to owning a credit card, rather than just establishing a decent line of credit. Maintaining a good credit standing enables you the freedom to choose from the many credit card options that can be tailored to your budget and lifestyle. Additionally, many cards offer rewards programs and mileage points for both modest and regular users who may benefit from these accommodating perks.

What are your credit card needs? Are you looking for a small line of credit to get your feet wet with experience, or are looking for something with more benefits to fit your lifestyle?

Whether you’re searching for seasoned traveler deals or student-based discounts, you should first take a look at featured infographic to discern between the credit card benefits that are best suited for you!

different credit card holder profiles infographic