Earth Hour Contest Winner Plus Eco Tips to Save Money at Home

April 8, 2013

iPad MiniThanks to everyone who entered our “Go Green at Home and Save Money” contest.

The winner of an iPad Mini is…Debbie Laverie from Smith Falls, Ontario. Congratulations Debbie!

During the contest period, there were many great environmentally-friendly tips to save money at home that were submitted.

Here are a few of the tips:

  • I only use major appliances after 7:00pm week days and I wash laundry with cold water.
    Ginette – Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Don’t print something unless it is absolutely necessary. Think before you print. If you print coupons, save them until you are actually going to go to the store so you don’t waste paper and toner.
    Christine – Oakville, Ontario
  • Vinegar and water for cleaning-cheap and ecofriendly!
    Audrey – Montreal, Quebec
  • Use rain barrels in the summer and spring to provide water for your garden. Saves u $ and is eco friendly!
    Rebecca R.