Your Moving In Check List + Tips For A Smooth Move

May 6, 2015

The papers have been signed and you’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of moving day. Moving is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming, especially when you have small children and pets. To make things easier, you’re going to want to start preparing for your move well in advance. This guideline will help you get ready so that when the big day finally arrives, all you have to do is sit back and supervise.

6 to 8 weeks before you move

  • Start going through your things and taking inventory of your belongings, which will also help you for insurance purposes
  • Donate anything you don’t want to take with you to charity, or consider having a yard sale (this is a fun way to get kids involved so they feel like they’re helping you with the move)
  • Talk to your insurance company about your move and make plans for coverage. Compare both home insurance and auto insurance rates online, as location plays a role in the cost of premiums and a switch in providers could save you money
  • Start researching moving companies and obtain a few quotes (make sure they also have insurance in case something were to get broken in the move)
  • Schedule your mail to be forwarded to your new address

If you are moving out of town or changing communities

  • Notify your child’s school and make arrangements for enrollment in the new school
  • If you plan to switch physicians or dentists, ask your doctor for recommendations in your new community. Make arrangements to have your medical and/or dental records transferred over.

One month before you move

  • Read these tips on how to make moving day less stressful—especially if you’re moving with kids
  • Obtain moving supplies—boxes, bins, packing tape, etc.
  • Begin packing and labelling boxes
  • Secure a moving company

Two weeks before you move

  • Notify necessary parties of your move and fill out change of address forms for your driver’s licence, health cards, insurance (if you haven’t already), bank accounts and credit cards, the CRA, any memberships or subscriptions, your employer, and any other account information you may have
  • Notify your utility, cable and Internet companies and make arrangements for dates to stop service at your current home and start it at the new one
  • If you have pets or small children, make arrangements to have somebody watch them on the day of the move

One week before you move

  • Get a box ready with stuff you’ll need for the first night. Moving is exhausting, so it helps to have toiletries, pajamas, and a clean outfit set aside
  • Have your utilities at the new house activated so that you have electricity and water when you arrive
  • Start cleaning so you have minimal amounts of work to do on moving day
  • One or two days before, empty and defrost your freezer
  • On your last night, order one last pizza meal (or your favourite take out) to enjoy with your family in your old house (no dishes!)

The day of the move

  • Wake up early! Moving day is here!
  • Disassemble any remaining furniture such as bedframes. Finish packing all bedding and remaining items
  • Do a walkabout to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Be sure to check the backyard, balcony, shed, garage, closets and cupboards. Keep a box handy to toss in any loose ends
  • Meet with your movers to make sure they have the right address. Arrange to have someone at the house to meet them there if possible
  • Once everything is out of the old house, finish any cleaning that is remaining
  • Return the keys as per your arrangement with your landlord, property owner, or real estate agent. Lock windows and doors
  • Say good bye. New adventures await!

After you move

  • Learn about your new neighbourhood—look up the municipality’s garbage and recycling days so you’re prepared to deal with all those empty boxes
  • Take a deep breath. The hard part is over and it’s time to relax

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