Limos, Garages, and Cabbies Oh My! Park n Fly vs Taking a Cab

January 7, 2014

Image of taxi cab roof lightWhen deciding whether to take advantage of a Park n Fly service or to simply hail a taxi there are primarily two things to consider: Cost and Security. For comparison’s sake we are going to use Winnipeg, Manitoba and Toronto, Ontario. Why? Because no one likes to drive in Winnipeg in the winter and Toronto is basically little America.



Happen to live in Vermilion Bay, Ontario? The nearest airport from there is roughly 30km and might make for a rather expensive cab ride. Across Canada, cab fares can vary on the low end from $3.30 (Winnipeg) to $4.25 (Toronto) on the high end just for them to come and pick you up. After that, you will need to pay per km traveled so add another $1.38/km (Winnipeg) to $1.75/km (Toronto). For our 30km example, you are going to pay anywhere from $44.70 (Winnipeg) to $58.40 (Toronto) and yes, the meter will continue to run as you sit in traffic. If you live a lot closer to the airport this will be much cheaper, but chances are that isn’t going to be the case.

Park n Fly

Feel like driving your own vehicle rather than listening to a scratchy cassette tape play some music you don’t really understand? No problem! You have the option of driving to the airport and leaving your vehicle there while you head out on your trip. Now.. how much does this cost? Surely it has to be cheaper than paying a cab fare. Well, the truth is in the numbers. In Winnipeg there are two types of Park n Fly options, an indoor and an outdoor. To park your own vehicle outside in their parking lot for seven days it will cost roughly $73.90. After considering the wait time being added in with distance traveled in the cab fare, this comes very close to what you would pay if you had taken a cab or a limo. The other option is indoor parking. To park your car indoor for seven days it will cost you roughly (wait for it..) $158.60 but you needn’t worry about snow, sleet, or rain on your vehicle. Toronto’s Park n Fly option is a flat $74.95.


Businesses are becoming more professional and taxi services are not above that. More often than not you’ll be as safe in a taxi/limo as you would be driving your own vehicle. The security issue is more about the premises your vehicle is being stored on if you decided to Park n Fly. While airports will do what they can to ensure your vehicle is secure, there is always the chance of theft. It’s a risk, because theft in this instance will likely not be covered under your car insurance policy. The little statement in italics at the bottom of the Park n Fly agreement exempts them from any liability and places it solely on your shoulders, although the actual chances of that happening are very slim at best.

In essence, it all comes down to distance versus personal preference. Whether you choose to kick your feet up on the back of the chair of the person driving the little yellow car or on your own steering wheel, just consider how far your airport is from your current location and how heavy your wallet is feeling.