Show mom you care without breaking the bank

April 29, 2013

They say money can’t buy you love, but it’s certainly one way to express it. With Mother’s Day around the corner, we did what we do best – found you ways to save money. We’ve pulled together four projects from across the web which will help you express gratitude to the woman you call mom on May 12th, without breaking the bank.

If cooking and crafting isn’t your forte, you could skip all of the ideas below and clean her house, wash her car, cut her lawn or just have some quality time over tea (or beers, if your mom is cool like that).


CupcakesWho doesn’t like cupcakes? Impress your mom with your culinary skills even if they are lacking. Using a simple vanilla cupcake recipe, you can bake a dozen cupcakes by simply following the straight forward directions. Chances are you’ll have most of these ingredients at home already.

If you don’t have a professional bag to pipe icing, simply fill a plastic sandwich bag with icing and cut off the corner to use as a tip. This video explains how it’s done.

If you’re feeling flush, spend a few dollars on patterned paper liners and candy toppers for maximum impact. When it comes time to deliver your delicious treats, here are five ways to create a homemade cupcake carrier.

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DIY Magnets

This gift will get your mom to put your art on the fridge for the first time in years (maybe even decades). Using bottle caps, white school glue, magnets and bottle caps, you can create a set of personalized magnets, just for mom. Most of these supplies you should be able to find in your recycling bin and at the dollar store, so the investment should be minimal. Your biggest expense might be a bottle of Gorilla Glue which you’ll use to fix the magnets to the back of the bottle caps; however you might be able to find magnets which come with adhesive backs, saving you this expense.

When deciding on your designs, take cues from your mom’s kitchen décor, print off photos or repurpose old maps to create a set you’ll know she’ll love and use. Here’s a tutorial on how to make beautiful custom magnets.

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Gourmet Popcorn

If your mom is more into salty than sweet snacks, gourmet popcorn is likely a better option than cupcakes. Popcorn is cheap and easy to make and by adding a selection of toppings, it easily becomes a coveted, yet quick to disappear gift. With flavours like orange creamsicle, chili lime tequila, garlic, thyme and parmesan, sweet and salty wasabi, or classic caramel, there is certainly a recipe found online for a flavour that your mom will love. Buy a few tins from the dollar store or repurpose ones you have kicking around the house to store your creations.

You can make up a few different flavours which will go perfectly with a movie at home with your mom. Quality time and a homemade gourmet snack? Now that’s a combination any mom would appreciate.

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Homemade Spa Treatments

Give your mom something to pamper herself with that is all natural and homemade. There are many natural skin care recipes which you can find online that are cheap and easy to make, yet they still offer the same luxuriousness of store bought products.

Take this lemon sugar scrub recipe for instance, with three ingredients you can find at the local grocery store, you could make several jars to give to all the moms in your life for less than $20.

Go through your recycling bin and pull out old jars which formerly held everything from pasta sauce to jam. Give them a good scrub, affix a label and you’re good to go. To make them look a bit posh, cut out a circle of fabric, lay it over the top of the jar and tie it down with a matching ribbon.

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Regardless of what gifts are exchanged on Mother’s Day, we hope that all the dedicated moms out there are celebrated.