Our Top Five 2014 Super Bowl Car Commercials

February 6, 2014

Back of a car

Ah, the Super Bowl. Renowned for the halftime shows, big upsets and the commercials. (Not to mention the copious amounts of guacamole consumed in the space of one afternoon).

We took a look at the car commercials in the 2014 Super Bowl and picked our top 5. In no particular order, our favourites this year are:

1. Toyota – “Big Game Ad Starring Terry Crews and the Muppets”

It’s pretty difficult to say “no” to the Muppets. In this case, the driver of this Toyota Highlander comes across the stranded members of the infamous Electric Mayhem band, whose bus has broken down on the side of the road. In an effort to sell consumers on the amount of space available in the Highlander, the entire band (chickens and all) have crammed into every nook and cranny available. What follows is… well, you should just watch the ad to find out.

2. Jeep – “Restless”

The great outdoors are something we all yearn for from time to time. With this ad, Jeep has done a masterful job in tapping into that part of our psyche that craves a little blue sky time, while showing off the off-road capabilities of the newly-redesigned Jeep Cherokee.

3. Maserati – “Strike”

Maserati seems to be preparing for something big with this teaser. Set against what is being sold as a dystopian future of sorts, they’re selling the new Maserati Ghibli as the giant-killer of luxury sports cars.

4. Honda – “#hugfest”

Not so much an advertisement about a new car as it is about car safety, Honda has done a great job of promoting their vehicle as one of the safest vehicles built in America. Can’t really argue with that. #safetyfirst, people.

5. Volkswagen – “Wings”

Volkswagen has developed a reputation for building cars that can last a long time. In some cases, a really long time. You’ve heard the saying, “when pigs fly”? This is somewhat similar to that.

Over To You

Which advertisement is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below. And if yours is not listed, throw us a link and let us know why you like it!