Five Top Tips for Lower Car Insurance Rates

December 5, 2012

Car Insurance QuotesMany people think there’s not much that can be done about car insurance rates, but the fact is that most can get a lower rate than what they are currently paying. These simple tips are the most common ways to lower car insurance rates, and some of them can be combined for an even better deal.

Lowering car insurance rates is easier than most people think, and we have the top inside tips that anyone can use to get better rates quickly. One or all of these tips can be used by almost anyone to get lower premiums, and many of them work quickly.

Raise The Deductible

A lot of drivers are wary of a higher deductible because they worry about the out of pocket cost in the case of an accident. It’s important to remember however that the deductible only applies in the case of a claim, and only specific types of claims. Drivers will only pay their collision deductible if they are found at fault in an accident. A higher deductible can make much lower rates, and the longer the driver goes without an accident, the more those savings add up – very quickly more than making up for potential out of pocket in a claim.

Pay In Full

Month to month payments usually come with a service fee. Paying up front on renewal can lower rates by avoiding paying unnecessary fees.

Drop Unneeded Coverage

Drivers are often paying extra for coverage they don’t need or want without knowing it. Review the policy to be certain that there is nothing extraneous; for example, a driver who is a CAA member doesn’t need to pay for another roadside assistance plan. A driver who never rents a car might not need to pay for rental car coverage. Cutting things that aren’t needed cuts premiums fast. Just be cautious about cutting important coverage like collision and comprehensive.

Change Commuting Miles

Taking public transportation or carpooling can help reduce insurance rates by reducing the number of miles driven each year. Reducing a long commute in the car can mean much lower rates; be certain to inform the insurance company of the change in driving habits so it will be reflected in the rates.

Shop Around

Of all the tips for saving on car insurance, this is the most important. Insurance companies rate differently, and that means that at any given time there could be a much better rate available at a different company. Comparing car insurance quotes online regularly is the best way to ensure a great premium isn’t being missed. Renewal time is a great time to shop for rates, but it can be done at any time to save money fast.

These tips can often be used together to result in a greater overall premium reduction. Even when shopping around, ask for quotes that use some of the other tips to see how much better the rate can be. There is no reason to overpay for car insurance; simply take the time to follow these tips to better rates.