Ways to Save and Still Live Large

April 1, 2013

April Fool's DayJet-setting around the world and maintaining a full staff at home doesn’t come cheap. ComparaSave is all about saving you money, so we put together a list of five ways that you can save and still live the luxurious lifestyle you’re used to.

Save on Gas – Ditch the Bentley, fly more

The price at the pump keeps going up, and let’s be honest that Bentley isn’t exactly eco-friendly. Give your driver and the gas pump a break and cue up your private jet or helicopter instead. Even if you do wind up spending a bit more on jet fuel, think of all the time you’ll save jet-setting from rooftop to rooftop between meetings. Not to mention, this is a great and affordable way to generate cred amongst your country-clubbing friends who are stuck in the backseat of black cars during rush hour. You’ll also be able to change the use of your vehicle on your insurance from commuting to pleasure which should save you a few bucks on your policy.

Save on Heating – Antiques make great firewood

When you have 18+ rooms to heat, hydro bills can get out of hand. Instead of cranking up the thermostat, why not make use of one of those wood burning fireplaces found throughout your estate. You’re likely already paying a premium on your home insurance policy for having so many wood burning fireplaces, so you might as well put them to work. With all those antiques chairs and armoires sitting empty and collecting dust in the east wing, you have plenty of firewood at your disposal. So let off some steam after work, break those antiques down and spark a flame to keep you warm on cool nights. Now, that’s what you call resourceful.

Save on Clothes – Only buy one colour per style

When fashion week hits it’s hard to resist buying that new Versace shirt in every print and colour it comes in, but just remember that there is only so much room in that 1200 square foot closet of yours. Try to resist the urge to splurge and only purchase one colour or print per style to save room and dollars for next season’s sure to be tempting fashion lines. Also, the more designer clothes you have, the more you’ll need to have covered in your already outrageous home insurance policy – when was the last time you compared rates anyways?

Save on Vacation – Leave your staff at home

While you might like your morning eggs flipped with an ease and grace that only your personal chef can execute, you might consider letting a few luxuries slide the next time you fly towards the equator. Staying at a fully-staffed all-inclusive resort means you won’t have to pony-up for flights for your whole personal staff every time you need a break from the real world. Just be sure you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy because you won’t have your personal physician on hand should anything go awry, and you don’t want to pay out of pocket for medical expenses when you already have one doctor on the payroll.

Save on Bling – Opt for white gold over platinum

Nothing says fabulous like jewelry, but is there really a need to pay a premium for platinum when white gold will do the trick? While platinum is a heavier metal and can be a bit more durable in the long term, you’re sure to switch up your bling long before it starts to show its age. Plus the more expensive the bling you have at home, the more your home insurance policy will cost you. So save yourself a few bucks and opt for the white gold the next time you’re looking to get frosty.