Minimizing The Hit Your Wallet Takes When Others Say “I Do”

June 9, 2015

Savings tips for wedding guestsWeddings are expensive, and not just for the happy couple. When you RSVP saying yes you’ll attend, you’re also committing to a financial outlay of about $670 according to an American Express survey. That’s not including the pre-wedding festivities like showers or bachelor and bachelorette parties, or even the wedding gift. According to the survey, this is how much you’ll spend on travel, hotel, dining out and dressing up.

So when others are saying “I Do”, what can you do to avoid being cash strapped on the big day?

Put aside a little, early

Chances are if you’ve received a wedding invite, you knew it would be coming. Start setting aside a little money, early on, to minimize the shock to your bank account. And, if you weren’t expecting an invite, perhaps this is one wedding you should decline.

Spend points, not cash

Many credit card rewards programs give you the option to redeem your points for merchandise, gift cards, or activities and entertainment. If you’ve got the points, chances are they’ve got a great gift the newlyweds will love.

Go in on a group gift

Pool your resources with other wedding guests to buy the couple one of the more expensive items on their registry. It’ll help you keep your costs under control, and give the couple a gift that they really want but were hoping they wouldn’t have to buy on their own.

Look for registry items on sale, elsewhere

If you’re buying a gift that the couple have on their registry there’s nothing forcing you to buy it from company where they’ve registered. Shop around (it’s the ComparaSaver way after all) to see if another retailer has it cheaper. If you end up buying the gift elsewhere simply call the registry department to have the item marked as “purchased”.

Don’t be a party animal

Pick and choose the celebrations leading up to the wedding that you want to attend prudently. Do you really need to go to more than one wedding shower for the same bride?

Recycle outfits

A classic outfit never goes out of style and can be made to look different (or new) by accessorizing.

Carpool or share a taxi

Save on gas, or taxi fares, by sharing a ride with others going to the wedding.

Compare airfares early and often

If it’s a destination wedding requiring a flight, compare airfare tickets early and often. This will give you a feel for what’s a good deal or what’s not. Airfare prices, like car insurance rates, fluctuate and if you get in the practice of checking flights it will give you the background needed to know when it’s best to book (or if that group rate is actually worth it).

  • If you’re flying to a destination outside of the country, remember you’ll need emergency medical travel insurance, at minimum. It’s a must have, and is not where you want to scrimp to save money.

Think outside the hotel group rate

Hotels have a funny way of clustering together. Often, if you find one, you’ll find another not far away. Compare the rates for nearby hotels to see if there’s a cheaper option close by. There’s nothing in your wedding invite that requires you to stay at the same hot