Why You Really Do Need Travel Insurance

February 21, 2013

travel insurance on vacationTravel insurance seems to be an unnecessary expense to many people – on top of the already high cost of traveling. But that high cost of traveling is just one of the many reasons you really do need travel insurance. And it’s not just long trips overseas for which travel insurance is a good idea. Even what seems like a simple trip over the border can become a financial disaster very quickly without it.

Accidents Happen Everywhere

If you were injured while visiting the U.S., how would your medical bills be paid? Many people mistakenly think that their provincial health insurance will provide coverage on the other side of the border. Unfortunately, it’s a costly error.

Medical care in the U.S. is incredibly expensive, and even a brief hospital stay can add up to thousands of dollars. Travel insurance is the only way to get medical coverage while you are outside of Canada. Whether you are across the globe or simply across the border, accidents can happen anywhere. If you require treatment that can’t wait until you get home, you will find yourself facing bills that might be difficult to pay.

Expect the Unexpected

Buying travel insurance acknowledges that the unexpected in life happens all too frequently. What happens once you have already booked flights, paid in advance for hotels, guided tours, tickets to attractions, and suddenly your plans change?

A death in the family or sudden illness can create the need to cancel a trip, or to cut it short and come home immediately. That means you could lose everything that is already paid for and non-refundable. You might also have to pay for a flight home if you need to get there right away and can’t change your ticket.

Travel insurance can cover all of these costs and more, meaning that the need to cancel or shorten your trip doesn’t have to mean you have lost all of that money. Whether you have a trip to Europe planned or a trip to California, you could still lose a lot of money without travel insurance.

No Trip is too Short

Just a weekend trip across the border? Don’t go without travel insurance. While the cost to cancel the trip may not be too high, the fact that accidents happen everywhere still stands. It doesn’t matter how long or how short your trip is. An accident or a sudden illness can strike just as easily on a weekend trip as it could on a month-long vacation.

In fact, if a serious illness or injury does occur when you are over the border and it’s not possible to return you to your home, you could wind up missing out on wages you didn’t anticipate. On top of the medical bills you incur when you’re being treated, that could add up to a serious financial burden for you. No matter how long you plan to be gone, get travel insurance quotes and take out a policy to protect you.

It Covers More Than You Think

Most people think of the basics when it comes to travel insurance – health and trip cancellation insurance. Both are major parts of any good travel insurance package. But there are even more benefits that could come from having the right policy when something goes wrong away from home.

Travel insurance can cover such expenses as emergency travel both for you and for a companion who might be needed to come and help you get home. It covers lodging and other expenses for family while you are in the hospital in another country. And while it’s not something anyone wants to think about, travel insurance even provides death benefits and can help you bring a loved one home for burial in the worst case scenario, taking financial pressure off of you in a time of great stress and difficulty.

If your luggage is lost or if your flight is cancelled for bad weather and you’re forced to stay in a hotel, the airline won’t likely provide any financial remuneration. But your travel insurance policy will cover you.

No matter where you are headed, even just over the border to the U.S. for a few days, travel insurance is one thing you don’t want to leave home without. There are any number of disasters that could occur even on the shortest of trips that could cost you more than you can afford. The small cost of a travel insurance policy is minor in comparison.